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Originally Posted by Keystone View Post
Wait a minute, your wife bought a Hotel?
But the guy catches grief for making a grill out of a few cinder blocks he got from a construction site.

That's why i like my women like my Saturday night 1am pizza, it hits the spot after a night of boozing and it's all gone by morning.

Ya know, they say marriage is all about compromise. Well, if I were married I would WANT a steak and a **** *** 3 nights a week, but I will compromise and settle for being able to spend a few bucks in discretionary income on something that is clean, safe, and brings me happiness without intruding or interfering with anyone else.

That's just the way I see it, but what do I know, I am a 35 year old single guy who still tries to date marginally age inappropriate women and actively avoids as much responsibility as possible.
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