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Default My Mini-WSM Build (Lots of pics!)

Not that this is anything original or anything, but I had an old Smokey Joe sitting in the garage that would get pulled out for tailgating and other random grilling needs. Or at least I think it was a Smokey Joe...I can make out the "ER" at the end of Weber on the wooden handle. Anyway, I wanted to put it to better use and so began the build. I tried to document as much as possible, so hope you enjoy!

Here's what I'm working with:

And here's my helper for the day:

As many others have experienced, the lid of the Weber did not fit the IMUSA pot very well:

Time to make some slight modifications:

Getting closer! And a really sore hand...:

Ahhhh, much better:

Time to drill some holes in the bottom of the pot (1" hole saw):

I used the steamer plate to mark the hole locations. My crappy drill didn't last very long, so drilling took a reallllllly long time:

It started to rain outside, so brought the operation into the garage. While waiting for the drill to charge back up, I taped off the old Smokey Joe to get ready for painting:

K, after a very slow drilling process...all the holes are drilled:

When drilling, I set the pot upside down on the lid and used the lid to catch all the shavings. Just a handy factoid:

Marked the pot for the grate supports (4.5" down from lid):

Test fitting the grate support with the acorn nuts on the outside:

Looks good!:

Holes drilled for the routing of my Maverick:

Ready for some paint:

First coat of high-temp gloss black:

Here's how I'll have it set up with the clay 9" clay diffuser:

The routing for the Maverick:

And last, but not least...the final product:

I'll do an initial burn in the next couple of days. I'm really looking forward to the first cook on this new toy! I'm going to order a thermometer for it too, that will finish it off nicely.
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