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Originally Posted by Rookie06 View Post
Pig shots - kielbasa, seasoned with BBQ rub, wrapped with bacon, filled with cream cheese, topped with brown sugar. The bombs are just chicken breasts with colby jack cheese and japs wrolled up and wrapped with bacon.
Trying to do the 'lost in translation' thingy. Being an Aussie some of your food terminology has me scratching my head, but here goes:

Kielbasa - no idea, some sorta pig meat thingy?
Cream Cheese - I take it to be Philly (Kraft Phillidelphia Cheese),
Colby Jack Cheese - straight Colby cheese
Japs - umm....once again no idea.

Only reason I'm asking is that it sure looks good for some quick and easy 'smally eats' when friends/family 'rock' round.
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