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Default Weed Burner 4 Charcoal (HELP!)


So, I bought a weed burner to cut down on the time it takes to get my charcoal ready. Yup, I know. Minimum time to heat charcoal for cooking something low and slow. Doesn't make too much sense. Anywho...

It was the 19.99 version from Harbor Freight. I then picked up a canister of propane (the type they use with portable coleman grills) at the hardware store.

Well, it aint workin'.

The end of the hose that is supposed to connect to the propane tank doesn't fit. Not even close. It also doesn't fit on a 20lb propane tank. Am I missing some sort of adapter part? Do I need to buy an extra piece that will couple them?

The manual that came with the weed burner sorta sucks. I blame Phil.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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