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Default OMG My First Brisket.... At Last!

G'Day Bruces'

Well, the day is finally here! Umm the night actually.

Not long ago I got some Cape Grimm Brisket from my good buddy AussieTitch. You've seen how both Titch and Buccs have just done their briskies and so now it is my turn.

I'm so happy I've finally got a Brisky! I'm so happy that I screwwed up the photo's. For some reason they were overexposed to blazes, and I've had to doctor them in Photoshop... they were so bad, I couldn't do much with them... sorry.

Anyway, here's the label...

And the whole thing...

Fat Cap Up... looked already reasonably well trimmed.

Fat Cap down..



And it is floppy

For my first time, I'm keeping it simple. Like Titch and Buccs have done, I will let the Brisky speak for itself. If I get fancy my first time, I'm sure to have it end up like all those ones buried in Shanes Back Yard

So here are my only seasoning elements... The Coopers is to season the chef...

Simply done...

Anyway, I'll let that season in for a few hours. I'm going out to the WSM to get that prepped. Will probably put it on around midnight and pop off to bed. Thanks to Bigabytes tutorial, I won't worry about an internal temp probe. I'll just get the WSM stable at 250 or so and then leave it till I wake up!

So, I'll have some further pics tomorrow... hopefully not overexposed to buggery...


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