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Yup she bought a hotel but still sees no need for another bbq device. Part of what here anger over the whole smoking thing is the fact that she rarely eats my pork cooks and her 2 teenage daughter never eat any smoked offering. Heck they dislike straight up grilled stuff on charcoal. They will eat the pizza cooked on the Akorn though....but that is it. When I do up a pork butt I am on my own. To see if it's as good as I think I take some to the guys at work or show up at a buddy's with a care package. Another smoker means my hobby/obsession grows and that just pisses her off....what pisses her off more I believe is that she can really say little as she is spending way more on the hotel. It is a huge fixeruper so she got it cheap but there is much work to be done.

Meanwhile I did ribs and chicken again today. This time with new grates, a water pan and some ceramic fire bricks in the bottom underneath the coals.

This is the ribs after 4.5 hours or so......3 hours naked, fresh from 1.5 hours of foil:

and with the sauce:

I started the carmelization stage on the upper rack then moved down to the lower rack. There was a 40f termperature difference in the same relative position. Finished ribs:

And cut up and ready to eat:

These were juicy and pull of the bone. I used partially burned chunks on this second cook and while the smoke was more prominent I could use more.

Tommorrow is my attempt at Jamaican style bbq. Hopefully it is not a disaster like my previous trys. I will update with photos.
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