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Originally Posted by appdesigngeeks View Post

Stats screen will always update when it gets a current reading
It doesn't. the only time it updated was when I went into the settings and back out.

Originally Posted by appdesigngeeks View Post

I dont understand why you call test 2 complete failure? It seems from your post that you where successfully collecting data. You might have got the cannot connect to database error on accident as we where uploading some updated pages to the backend server.

And Test 3 sounds like you are able to collect data still??
Sorry if I confused you. in both 2 and three when I tapped on Test Wifi Settings I saw the Collecting Data screen (the one with the cute saying on it that I've forgotten) for a few seconds and then receive the database connection error. After tapping OK on the error message I again saw the collecting data screen and the only way to get rid of that was to kill the BBQ Remote process. I never saw a message letting me know that the connection was successful and never saw the home screen or any temp data, etc. from the CyberQ.

Originally Posted by appdesigngeeks View Post

Once again we have previously stated that you will need a 1 time connection to login into the app. This has nothing to do with you connecting to the Wifi Guru.
Can you clarify what one time means. is that one time, period, or is it one time per session? i did register and log in with an internet connection. that was test 1. But with test two and three I did not have an internet connection. BUT, I had already logged in one time.
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