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Let me start by saying thanks for downloading providing feedback.

As I stated previously on this forum that you will need a one time network connection to login. I never said we would change this :)

Did you read of the other recent post by us? I clearly stated that there were known bugs that we have already fixed and waiting for Apples approval on the next version. We even provided a link to the list of bugs so people could see that we are already aware.

I believe 99% of your issues have been already addressed and reading our previous post you would have saved yourself alot of typing :)

Stream - is only as new as its most recent post. So for example if no one has posted anything in a few day then that means the latest post is going to be a few days old.

Stats screen will always update when it gets a current reading

I dont understand why you call test 2 complete failure? It seems from your post that you where successfully collecting data. You might have got the cannot connect to database error on accident as we where uploading some updated pages to the backend server.

And Test 3 sounds like you are able to collect data still??

Once again we have previously stated that you will need a 1 time connection to login into the app. This has nothing to do with you connecting to the Wifi Guru.

I would suggest waiting until the next version is approved because all of your stated issues have been resolved EXCEPT the one requiring Zero Internet connectivity.

Thanks for testing
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