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Originally Posted by TheJackal View Post
Thought I would add another NJ question to this thread. My buddy is over an hour away from my in Kinnelon. He just got into backyard smoking. He cannot get into Restaurant Depot. Some of the big places like costco or bj's do not carry whole packer briskets. What are some good meat suppliers for the backyard cook in North Jersey? I told him to open an account at LaFrieda's (we have one) and he laughed at me. Any good butchers or meat purveyors near Kinnelon other than BJ's, Costco, or Sam's?
I got this one!!!
Your buddy and I are practically neighbors!!

I go to one of four places depending on how much I need, and if one does have something I will try the next.

The first and my personal favorite is where I get my brisket from always.

Wayne Meat Comp
2234 Hamburg Tpke Wayne, NJ 07470.

This place is awesome especially if you need large quanities. The brisket is the same price as Restaurant Depot, some times cheaper. Due to time constraints with this cook I had them trim and separate the brisket for me total cost was $3/ lb, which compared to others is about 2-3 /lb less. I try to use these guys only for large quantities just because of the fact that it is a distributer vs a store. Just a heads up it will looked close when you pass by it and you have to keep an eye open but its there and in buisness.

The next place is
The Meeting Place
1267 Ringwood Ave, Haskell (Wanaque) NJ

Small shop may not have stuff in stock but can get anything you need. This guy has become my day to day supplier for smaller quantities. Im getting some pork Belly from this guy for about 4-5/lb and I also picked up some Rib Eyes, (getting ready to cook em) for about $12/ lb, hand cut to my order.

Up on the tour next is

Sussex Meat Packing
205 State Rt 23, Wantage, NJ

This place is a good one have been going to for years before I move in with my Wife. Great staff, prices, and knowledgeable about their trade.

The last one is

Farmview Pork Store
126 Wanaque Ave, Pompton Lakes, NJ

Place is nice, little place, the guy is knowledgeable, but this is probably the priciest of the bunch. Got St. Louis Cut Ribs, Cryopacked for $7/lb. This one while good, just due to prices will be further down on my lst and my last ditch effort joint.
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