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Test 2 - Comp network

As i suspected, this was a complete failure. Here is the setup.

Linksys WRT54G, no internet connection.

CyberQ connected to the Linksys wifi, IP

iPhone connected to the Linksys wifi.

I can access the CyberQ via Safari Mobile at

I cannot log into BBQ Remote since I do not have an internet connection. It will time out after about a minute with an error message "cannot connect to server" and show me the home screen. I tried to configure the CyberQ wifi settings as follows...

External IP address:
Static IP Address:
HTTP Username: blank
HTTP Password: blank
HTTP Port: 80

When I hit Test Wifi Setting it collects data for a couple of minutes and then I get an Alert: database could not be updated. When I tap OK it shows the collecting data screen until I get tired of it and kill the BBQ remote process.

So, it seems to me that right now the app will not work without an internet connection. I may be in the minority in wanted it to work this way, but for competitions I will not have an internet connection to my wireless router.

The next test will be ad hoc mode.
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