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I'm doing some testing this afternoon.

Test 1 - Home Network

First observation - I have to have an internet connection in order to log in to some online server. Why?

OK, now for the test.

Router: 2Wire Home Gateway connected to the internet via AT&T Uverse

Cyber! V1.2 connected to 2Wire wifi, IP address

iPhone 4S, IOS 6.1.3, also connected to the 2Wire wifi.

iPhone can access CyberQ via Safari Mobile at

BBQ Remote Setup

External IP Address:
Static IP Address:
HTTP Username: blank
HTTP Password: Blank
HTTP Port: 80

Observation: If the External IP Address isn't configured I get an error message asking me to check my wifi settings and try again. I don't have an external IP address.

Once I touch Test Wifi Settings I see a message saying connection successful. But, when I exit the settings mode the information on the Home screen in BBQ Remote are not updated. If I go back into setting mode and back to the home screen then they update.

While looking at the home screen I held the pit probe on the CyberQ to increase the pit temp reading. This was not reflected on the Home screen until I went into the setup mode and back out again.

I'm not sure what I should see on the alerts screen, but my pit temp reading is below the target temp, so I would expect to see a pit temp low alert.

The Stream screen seems to be working but the info there is several days old.

The stats screen doesn't update until I go into setup and back out.

The Notes, however, brings up the collecting data screen and I have to kill the BBQ Remote process to get out of it. After doing that and logging in again I have to re-enter the Guru Wifi info again.
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