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Default I hate thermometers

I admit I am new to smoking and previously only needed an instant read thermometer when using my gasser as the one in the lid seemed pretty accurate.

My frustration....I have read up a bit on thermometers and understand the lid temp on my WSM22 should run 10-20 deg higher than grill temp. I have 2 different model digital thermometers, a Dual Temp model that measures internal meat and grill temps at same time..prev seemed to work well and pretty much match the stock lid unit. And the Taylor I used really only for food temp before.

Last night when I started my smoke both the Dual Temp and Lid thermo seemed to match pretty close until about 4 hours into the cook when the lid unit dropped to about 190. The Dual Temp read 233 so I just went with that reading as what was correct. An hour later I checked again and lit temp dropped a bit to to 184 and digital still at 233. I wondered WTF as I expected lid temp to be higher than grill.

So I grab a mechanical oven thermometer and it puts temp at 200. BTW water bowl is fine, no wind and all three vents open about 1/8. I increase vents to achieve 250 on mechanical and lid is now about same but I realize Dual Temp stuck on 233 still....Grrrr. I go to bed. Maybe Dual Temp took a dump. Up and down next couple hours with no significant changes.

Up four hours later and recheck temps. Lid is back to 190, Dual temp at 215 and mechanical at 275! WHO DO I BELIEVE...Temp does not feel 275. So I pull out the Taylor digital thermometer that I previously used only for food temp and put in on grill. It was within 4 deg of the Dual Temp so I use them and adjust vents to 225. Now seems Dual Temp working again.

Temp has been staying steady on the 2 digitals, still reading within 4 deg of each other, between 225 and 230. And get this..lid now reads 205 and btw seems slow to respond, and the mechanical oven reads 275. I am now relying on the 2 digitals.

I know this has been long, apologies Brethren, but I want to get a temperature measuring device I can rely on . The local stores in my area don't sell the stuff I see here so I can test them out. I don't mind spending the bones but I really need something I can rely on with a certainty that it is doing its job. Even on some the stuff I see here.. I.e....Maverick and QB, folks go back and forth.

Thoughts here are MUCH appreciated and again, apologies for the length of this post from a frustrated NEWB!
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