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Originally Posted by dajogejr View Post
I just went on the Cowboy kick after it was such a deal on True Value online.
8.99 a bag plus 5 bucks off, free ship to store.
I can tell you, the wood is better than it was in the past.
But back to back with RO Red I get from Restaurant Depot, I'll take the RO.

The Cowboy burned hot, it burned long, it just didn't burn as clean as the RO.
I use a BGE XL, BTW. Your mileage may vary...

I also light my egg with a weed burner/torch. The Cowboy sparked and popped like crazy. Imperfections in the wood? Possible. It is strictly my opinion, but I don't think the heat up the wood enough to get rid of the impurities. Again, my opinion.

I would use the cowboy again in a pinch, I still have a bag left over. But I prefer RO.
I stacked up on 10 bags before the RD sale ended May 31st. @8.99 per bag as well, it was worth it.

I won't call the Cowboy garbage, I will say, for what I cook and what I do, I prefer Royal Oak.
now that I have used it for awhile, I tend to agree.

And by the way RO is still on sale at RD for $8.99

I was there yesterday
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