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I only use lump for my egg, so if you are looking for lump, are you near a Restaurant Depot? If so, you can get the Red Royal Oak bags for under $10 for $17lbs. I used to get Wicked Good from Ace, but they stopped selling it and my local Ace guys are out of stock (cant find it on their website either). Also, if you order 10 bags (100 lbs) you can get free shipping on this high quality lump:

For supplies, not a ton of places in the area, but you can check out Chef Central on Rt 17 in Paramus. There used to be a place near Whippany called Hometown Home and Hearth, but their website seems to show that store may have closed down. Modern Propane has some grilling stuff set up for seasonal displays as well. Most supplies I wind up ordering online.

For wood, I order online. The chunks or chips I find in the stores are garage. I use fruita wood chunks for chunks and Maine Grilling woods for cedar boards for fish and veggies.

Spices - is in PA but like 5 mins from the NJ border, so shipping is really fast and cheap (and sometimes free if you order enough). Always high quality fresh spices.

Hope that helps
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