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Just to provide more information it sought to determine the quality of the Greg Norman Signature Waghu. Could get to any detailed info. It is produced by AAco Australia.
Firstly the web shows:
Greg Norman Australian Prime
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Please Note: This product is not rated Prime by the USDA.
I was fascinated to discover the Norman product was not rated prime by USDA.

I provide info for the AACo Group. It is a highly regarded prodiucer.

AACo's Beef Group specialises in the production of premium quality beef products for the global food service and retail markets.With a focus on quality, consistency and world class customer service, the Beef Group directly exports to more than 20 countries around the world and is widely recognised as class leader.

The Beef Group offers customers a selection of six brands of beef which include grass fed, grain fed and the highly prized Wagyu beef which is known around the world for its unsurpassed tenderness, juiciness and depth of flavour.

In addition to achieving excellence in premium beef production, AACo's vertically integrated beef production system is committed to maintaining the highest levels of food safety. Each of our processing plants systematically tests for E-coli strains as well as maintaining all required certifications under AusMeat, AQIS and importer requirements.

AACo Wagyu

The Beef Group is the world's largest Wagyu beef producer, with an estimated production of more than 30,000 head per year. AACo has built a strong reputation around the world as the leaders in breeding, feeding and finishing of the prized Japanese breed.

In order to maintain the highest quality and consistency for its customers, the Beef Group has developed its own Wagyu grading scale which is used as a secondary quality assurance measure after each carcase has been graded against the Aus Meat grading system. Adopted from the Japanese Wagyu grading system, AACo grades selected cuts individually for a second time to ensure consistency.

Wagyu Traceability

AACo Wagyu can be managed and traced from its original cattle station to the restaurant table using the SureTRAK™ system.

From birth, each calf carries a specialised radio frequency tag from paddock to the processing plant. Each carcase has a sample of DNA cross-referenced to its radio frequency tag, meaning any primal cut from any of our carcases can be DNA tested to verify customers are truly purchasing and receiving a genuine AACo Wagyu product.

Wagyu Beef Brands
Master Kobe
MB9+ Full blood and purebred Wagyu

The best beef money can buy.

Widely regarded as the perfection of Wagyu beef, Master Kobe is suited only to the most exacting and demanding chefs who expect nothing but the world's best beef.

Only full blood and pure bred Wagyu cattle that grade a minimum of AA9 are eligible to wear AAco's flagship brand.

Named 'Australia's Best Steak' in 2011 at the Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show, Master Kobe is the beef brand by which all others are measured and ever strive to be.

When only the best will do, there is no alternative to Master Kobe.

Takumi Wagyu
MB7-8 Full blood and purebred Wagyu

Produced from full blood and pure bred Wagyu cattle, Takumi Wagyu offers the most discerning and exacting chefs and connoisseurs of fine food a genuine Japanese Wagyu experience of beef graded from AA7 to AA8.

A new offering by AAco, Takumi Wagyu is suited to all cuisines that lend themselves to an unmistakable depth of flavour and tenderness.

Kobe Cuisine
F1-F3 Wagyu - marbling up to AA12

AAco's first Wagyu beef brand, Kobe Cuisine proudly carries the reputation as one of Australia's most luxurious beef brands and originates from cattle with a minimum of AA6 on the AAco Wagyu grading scale.

With exquisite texture, unmistakable tenderness and extraordinary depth of flavour, Kobe Cuisine is recommended and served by some of the world's finest chefs from Singapore to Shanghai.

Darling Downs Wagyu
F1-F3 Wagyu - marbling up to AA12

One of Australia's most prestigious beef brands, Darling Downs Wagyu contains the finely distributed and highly desirable levels of marbling sought after by many of the world's most celebrated chefs.

Darling Downs Wagyu is one of the world's most recognised beef brands enjoying prominent retail exposure in Korea and the US.
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