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Originally Posted by Big M1ke View Post
Pats is far from the best in Philly.
+1! I was born and raised in Philly. The tourists flock there, and they are tasty after midnight when you are drunk, but on ther than that I stay away. Gino's across the street isn't much better!

Tony Luke, Jim's at 4th and South, and Johns rost pork sandwiches are better places to go IMHO.

Thin sliced ribeye is what most use.

The roll does make the cheesesteak. i know you cant get Amaroso outside of philly, but if you use the freshest roll you can that is only hours old, it's hard to go wrong no matter where you live. Crusty on the outside with a soft inside is what you want. White House subs in ATlantic City is the place to go in south jersey, and thier rolls are delivered one shopping bag at a time every 20 minutes or so from the bakery across the street. The fresh roll is what makes that makes the sub.

Pats started using cheese Whiz to speed up production, since you dont have to wait for it to melt. Pats also has a pile of pre fired onions and a pile of pre cooked beef on the corner of thier cook top to speed up production, so the flavors don't blend properly and it can get a little dry.

Put a little oil on the hot plate and add some onions to let the soften for a minute or two. Then put the steak on top for a short while then shred it with two spatulas so it cooks evenly. Salt and pepper , Then put cooper white American cheese on it (IMHO, Cooperimelts the best and tastes the best) and put the roll on top to help melt the cheese. Then slide the spatula under the steak and pick it up and turn it all over so that the roll is on the bottom.

Put whatever you want on it. All this crap you hear that it has to be made a certain way and you have to stand funny to eat it is for the tourists. They will put whatever you want on a cheesesteak.

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