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Default Replacement parts for Weber Silver B - MCM?

I have an old Weber Silver B. Purchased it used for less than the value of the propane in it's tanks. It spoiled me by working wonderfully for a couple years, but atlas it was old - and I was now spoiled. So have a wonderful newer Weber sitting at the house.

That said, now a few years later, kind of seeing the value of having a second wonderful grill - and considering overhauling the old Weber. Read that the Stainless Steel channel grid cooked well, but did not last as long as many would have preferred. Likewise saw a few bad reviews on the Weber replacement flavorizer bars - complaining about the "outsourced" stainless bars were rusting faster than the reviewer preferred as well.

Noted that somewhere in cyberspace 9mm round grids exist, but was unable to find them (I have some old 9mm bars from a dead grill - they were about the only part worth keeping from it - 9mm is very nice). Did find 7mm round grids by Music City Metals and by PayandPack. The MCM look fairly nice in pictures, but no reviews. My S-320 uses 7mm bars and so far so good on them - no rust in 3 years or so.

Likewise MCM makes flavorizer bars as well - but no reviews on quality there either. Another aftermarket make 16 gauge bars, but again with reviews citing rust.
Any suggestions on the best source of these (other than purchasing my own brake and stainless)? Anyone with experience with MCM?
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