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Originally Posted by Zippylip View Post
I was referring to lump charcoal in my comment above. If briquettes are what you're looking for, they're usually even more readily available. As for Kingsford, I think that depends on who you ask. I only buy Kingsford blue when it comes to that kind of charcoal, but that's probably more of a nostalgia thing than anything else, love the aroma & flavor & it brings me back to the 70's every time it gets lit up.

Edit: I would avoid the matchlight stuff & also avoid lighter fluid in general, that can leave an off taste. But if you light Kingsford blue with a chimney or weed burner it works very well
Im looking for anything and everything.

I have only used lump till this point so I would like to try briquettes just for the uniformity stand point.

As Ive said, Im still learning so Ill try anything
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