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Hi everyone I have a very intimidating task ahead of me. I am cooking PP for 250ish. I have so far went off of 200 adults and pretended kids do not exist. Thank you for your input and let me know what I am doing wrong.

My plan

100 pounds Pork
40 Pounds Beans
50 Pounds Mac N Cheese
40 Pounds Coleslaw
300 buns
300 rolls with butter packages (was requested but I am torn)
Fruit platters
Vegetable Platters

Just going to jazz up some canned beans with some bacon and other accompaniments.

The coleslaw I am lost on this one. I am not going to have much or any help so I was thinking of just getting a premixed coleslaw dressing and dumping it on 5# bags of shredded cabbage. I doubt anyone would realize I took a short cut on this. I though wonder what the ratio of slop to cabbage is. Was thinking 1 gallon sauce should cover 10# cabbage. Any help here would be extra helpful.

They will have 3 kegs at the party and I am going to bring some water. Figured 350 bottles, they also are supplying lemonade.

The pork Ill be cooking it the night before and then foil/coolering it to be pulled on site. I am buying the roto puller for future fast ripping like this.

Thank you all for any advise you can throw my way.

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