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Ok, here's a then(3.1)/now(6.13) comparison:

As you can see, I didn't do the "German raised bed". Oh well. I may yet do it on the spot where the wood is stacked- upper right side of the pic you can see the pile.

The garlic is up nicely and the raspberries (along the shed) are doing well. Closest to the camera near the fence in the aerial shot are eggplant, then zuccini, then green peppers. Along the right side of the fence is basil followed by tomatoes. All that other green stuff is farkin weeds.

Usually I grow cukes vertically in the main garden, but this year I put them in a narrow bed along the house, behind the (planted very late) peas.

Still gotta plant carrots. Last year, downpours ruined planting 3 different times. This year, this boy is waiting until the dry dog days of summer before I plant those tiny farking seeds again!

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