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Originally Posted by DirtyDeedz View Post
Right there with you... Just can't do them. The taste (not the texture) sends off my gag reflex every time!
hell yes!! i love most anything but if it has raw onions it will stop me dead in my tracks.

there are VERY few things i can eat raw onions on, actually the only thing i can think of is mexican street tacos. i love the cilantro/onion mix, but thats it. i hate raw onions on everything else. its like chewing on glass.

raw bell peppers, and mushrooms of any kind.

dark meat chicken grosses me out at times as well if its not cooked to my standards. the stomach lining (tripe) they use in menudo. or any type of grisley meat i will throw up on it and stop eating the rest of my food immediately.

there are some others but this all i can think of for now lol.
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