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I have been cooking bacon on the Kettle and my big offset smoker for twenty years. (After this much time, you would think it would be done by now........)

I prefer the bacon that is cooked on the Kettle as it comes off more crispy than the bacon strips cooked on the big smoker. I usually run the heat about 300ºF to 325ºF. There are two rows of coals, one on each side, with the bacon laid out in individual strips down the middle of the Kettle. Make sure there is no part of the bacon over the coals as the grease from the bacon will start a fire. I prefer cherry wood for flavoring but pecan or peach works good too. After 20 minutes, I flip the bacon and check again every ten minutes. Cooking time takes any where from 30 to 40 minutes.

When I do this on the big smoker, I try to kick the heat up to at least 275ºF. The hotter the cooking temperature, the crispier the bacon. I do not use a water pan when I do this as the added moisture in the smoker will keep the bacon from crisping. If you are cooking at 230ºF, it will take at least an hour for the bacon to cook. It will get a nice color and taste, but it more than likely will not reach the crispiness that you are looking for. This can be corrected when you reheat the strips in the microwave. One other thing to watch for is where that grease drains. If it gets too close to the firebox, it may catch fire.


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