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Default Vaccum Sealer Question

I am looking to buy a vacuum sealer, I have read and read and read about them but have managed to just confuse myself even more, I do not understand the specs, what does the amount of vacuum inches have to do with them? which is the best bang for my buck? I am wanting to spend no more than $250-$300 on one, hell cheaper if I can. I want to be able to vacuum seal everything from sandwiches for when we hike to left over pulled pork, briskets, and ribs (if there are any) plus buy more in bulk and portion it out and vacuum seal it to freeze, including bread if I can. anyways what do you guys suggest, cabella has a nice sale going on right now on their sealers so I want to buy quick if something from there is suggested. Price of bags comes into question to as I have some expensive ones and some cheap ones. I will not be sealing hundreds of pounds of stuff all at once so if cool down for a few seconds or even a minute has to happen than so be it. TIA
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