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Originally Posted by ButtBurner View Post
I would seriously consider one if these. Read the complete decsription. Its really not that hard.
I have already been looking there at the parts. Still need to find the drum some where, I wish some one made them so you could just buy them ready to go.

Originally Posted by SmokinJohn View Post
You could buy one like BB opines.
You could have someone make one for you. I'm not in Beaumont, but if I were, I would.

But.....for the ultimate experience, you should check out this thread:

And build it yourself.

Yes, the thread is long, but you will learn all that you need to know about the UDS. My neighbor and I (he was curious about the noise I created making my double barrel smoker) put one together in a single day.

Can you use a drill? a wrench? a screwdriver? a punch? Can you draw straight lines with the aid of a ruler? Can you count to 30?

If you said yes to all of these, you can build it.
I really would not mind making my own, but with some guidance. I have looked through that thread already but seriously with out a step by step by step by half step instructions and some one monitoring or guiding me, I really feel like I will royally mess it up. I guess I am just too scared to drill something wrong and the UDS get too much ventilation and the whole house catching fire lol.

Sounds stupid I know. I bet if I honestly just went through with it then it would probably be nothing at all to worry about. As I research this more and more I feel like that is what is going to end up happening, just thought I would try to find some one in my area for some monitoring.
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