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Yes to my knowledge I'm the only one that has a 3/4 an a 1 1/4 valve. It wa my idea that George tried to talk me out of. Turns out everyone likes it that has it. I would not recommend buying a vault withough this setup unless you plan on chasing temps. George said eventually this will be their standard setup.

I also have a reducer in the water drain valve so if I ever want to cook direct on the vault, I just put the charcoal basket in the cook chamber. Works really nice for finishing up meats like ribs and briskets after they rest and are ready or glazing

My vault is so airtight, you cannot close the cook chamber door without a valve open. This is a video of how tight it actually is. It whistles when I close the door. I adjusted the slam latches and now it's impossible to slam without a valve open.
This was months ago, last 30 sec of the video is where it's at
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