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For the people thinking a UDS style basket isn't necessary, I had more consistent temps, and far less hassle using the basket. It makes clean up a breeze, allows oxygen to reach fire from everywhere, and the basket sits on top of the bolts that most people have already installed for their raised grate. All you do is attach a 6" wide strip of expanded metal to the outer edge of the raised grate you may already have. This doesn't need to be welded or anything, I used bailing wire. Then I grabbed an old clothes hanger and fashioned a handle for the basket. It all still fits under the water pan. An ATC is the thing that's not needed, if you fashion a proper damper cover for the intake hole, and create a proper exhaust, that is all you need to lock in at any temp from 230 to 350+.

Some people like an ATC for peace of mind, even with cookers like WSMs, BGEs etc. I just don't see why they are needed if the cooker is breathing right and has the built in ATC... The ability to adjust oxygen to the fire.

Spend that extra $$ on some good meat. Or beer!
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