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Default Just another UDS thread

Well, I have come to the conclusion that before I jump on the BGE/Ceramic style smoker wagon I would like to try my hand at a UDS. It seems more financially reasonable at the time.

Question is, is there any one in my area who can build one for me/help me build one?

I know there really isn't much to it, but at the same time I am more of a salesman/public relations guy than any thing remotely close to a carpenter/mechanic.

I do not want to put $300-$400 into it and screw it up. So my first one I would either like to build it with some one who knows what they are doing, or just pay some one to build it for me so I can see it and become familiar with it.

I am in the Beaumont area, any one in my neck of the woods with the knowledge?
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