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[QUOTE=jmoney7269;2514018]I was one of the first vault owners ever to have a ball valve intake system in late 2012 and to my knowledge I am the only vault owner that has a 3/4 valve and a 1/14 valve. When the pit is loaded up with meat, you need the extra airflow of 2 valves. I cook dry and rarely ever use the large valve except when I need it to recover from massive amounts of food in it. Get the ball valve a 3/4 and 1 1/4 and never look back. No rust whatsoever but I clean my pits after any large cook or comp and reseason with canola oil. I can run my vault 180 degrees to 450 dry any day of the week. The ball valve design fixes any runaway temp worries of that pit.

Is that the standard option for the value, those sizes? I wanted to make sure and check and see if that is something I need to ask George about. He mentioned that the option was like $230 to add but I need one for the guru which I assume will fit on the 3/4 and the larger is closed at all times unless you have to ramp it up. Correct?

Your the only owner? Thought I heard a couple on here with this option? Not sure if you saw the Venturi rig they built but a guy I know here is the owner and I get to use it shortly to make sure if the vault is for me. It's gotta be a $40k rig.
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