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somebody shut me the fark up.
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To piggyback on Ron's comment, we are always watching for members who's sole purpose of joining the Brethren is to make money. It's not what we're about and it's not fair to those who've purchased a Vendor Forum if we let everyone pimp their wares when and where they feel like it.
Here are the specific rules Ron referenced:
  • Direct sales pitches by non members, commercial businesses or business owners are prohibited without a vendor subscription or banner ad. We do not want guests to come in here for the primary or specific purpose of advertising. Occasional display of your own products are limited to the general For Sale forum. If you have a product, let OTHERS speak for it in Qtalk or Comp.
  • Members may post non commercial items in General for Sale.... Your own items such as pits, trailers equipments, etc..
  • An occasional Non BBQ item is ok if you want to sell your lawn mower or kids bicycle. Dont make it habit.
  • Product owners may OCCASIONALLY post an item, a special or a sale. However, to be fair to members who have vendor forums, if you post more than the occasional item in general for sale, you will asked to refrain, or purchase a vendor subscription for your own forum or begin banner advertising.
  • Product owners may NOT hawk their product in Qtalk. product names in thread titles or photos in threads is considered product placment and not allowed. Soliciting the general membership to hawk product for you is also dirty pool. If your product is that good, let it speak for itself, and let the membership speak for you of their own accord.
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