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Beans. Any kind of beans except green beans. I would rather eat live bugs than beans. I can't even stand to smell them cooking. I generally have an iron stomach-I've taken a bite out of a fresh raw deer liver with no problem just to gross people out, I could sit on top of a bloated dead cow and eat oatmeal, but seeing, smelling, or tasting beans makes me nauseous and gags me. This extends to anything made from them, such as tofu or those cheap frozen "hamburger" patties with soy protein filler that everybody cooks at cookouts.

Canned tunafish. Just eat a can of cat food, couldn't be any worse. I love fresh tuna, but can't handle canned fish of any kind.

Mayonnaise or anything containing it.


Mac and cheese

Boiled chitlins

Soup. Any kind of soup. If you can't eat it with a fork or your fingers, I don't have any use for it.
...Half a yard full of crap to cook on like everybody else...

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