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As already stated, off-sets need air flow and are designed to have a live fire and burn wood. I have a Lang 48 and it leaks a small bit, but I'm OK with it.The draft controls work best with charcoal and a small smoldering fire, IMHO. I do have a story to back this up too.

We were at small contest recently, 17 teams, and one team there was using a Lang 60 Deluxe. Charcoal fire. With an electronic draft control. Power was a freakin' gigantic and noisy 6500 watt generator! Things did not look too good with continuous white smoke for the entire cook and the results matched the assumption: Dry a$$ meat and tasting of an ashtray. Really terrible.

Now I'm not saying it can't be done and possibly done well, but a stick burner needs air and lots of it for the best results, hence tending to the fire frequently. There are lots of set-and -forget cookers out there that are perfect with a controller, in my opinion a stick burner is not one of them.
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