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Originally Posted by kadQ View Post
I'm venturing into the catering business prices are the hardest thing for me to come up with, if I charge what others are charging i'm loosing money. My only resources are going to kroger, wal-mart and sams club and the local butchers all say the same thing when i ask for pork spare ribs cut st.louis style they say what am i talking about. I guess I have to remember that ohio is not a bbq state for now!!!!

I've done three parties so far and have just broke even, made enough to cover expense's but no more......
You won't stay in business long charging what others charge. Figure out ALL of your cost to produce your product, and start with the cost x 3 method. Ie, if it cost you 2.75 to make a pulled pork sandwich, charge at least $8.25 for that sandwich.

Then, start to figure out how to get better pricing on your supplies. Sam's Club is OK, but try to find restaurant supply stores in your area (like Restaurant Depot). If you're doing this above board and have a business license then getting in will be no problem. Good Luck.
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