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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAussie View Post
I confess, I have personally seen that Brisket and Titch said that was the only one that I could not buy off him...

It was then that I thought for one insane second to belt him over the head with the Cape Grimm one that I had on my hand and scarper...

But Yvonne was guarding the exit. And then there were the chooks that would probably attack on command. And making my way though the place at speed through an obstacle course of smokers and grills seriously screwed my chances. Especially the 2 WGA's strategically placed to trip over.

I had no chance. So I canned the idea.... for now....


You never would have made it to the obstacle course. The chooks would've done you in first. Vicious little beggers on the hunt. And a whole flock?
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