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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Robbins Island, Titch that is just sadistic and satanically cruel, ya farkin show off!!
It'll have salty notes and I know there will be a dogpile on top of me for saying this but...gulp...low and slow is a fools ticket for that wagyu.
Think about it.
If the fat renders at 35 degrees celsius..and it does, what are going to do by extending the time that it is over that temp?
Dry it out, but that you will never notice because the remnants will remain in the meat strands so you will still think it a success...however, cook to a hot sear and eat it with the full benefit and it is swoon material.
Hotn fast, all the way IMO.
That's my take on the science, I haven't had a wagyu brisket yet.
Had 10 years of Japanese wagyu, and plenty here but rump.
All seared.
BTW, cut me in on your next bank job willya?
If you're saucing your brisket, I bet you're still putting lolly water in your spirits..
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