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Originally Posted by dobdabomb View Post
I need those in depth posts, especially with the slide vent issue. Guess I have to pony up the $250 for the ball valve, which should be on there standard just like every other vertical types like this. That is disappointing, as its going to be a $4k smoker now at a min.
I was one of the first vault owners ever to have a ball valve intake system in late 2012 and to my knowledge I am the only vault owner that has a 3/4 valve and a 1/14 valve. When the pit is loaded up with meat, you need the extra airflow of 2 valves. I cook dry and rarely ever use the large valve except when I need it to recover from massive amounts of food in it. Get the ball valve a 3/4 and 1 1/4 and never look back. No rust whatsoever but I clean my pits after any large cook or comp and reseason with canola oil. I can run my vault 180 degrees to 450 dry any day of the week. The ball valve design fixes any runaway temp worries of that pit.

Originally Posted by grantw View Post
i just got a backwoods from great canadian bbq store check em out itl save some boarder hassle. pitmaker was almost another grand
A vault is also twice the pit as a backwoods. Look at the weight and that alone will tell you what you need to know. Backwoods are awesome pits, not dogging them one bit
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