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Originally Posted by Goyo626 View Post
After the brine, are the birds rinsed, dried, then rubbed with something?
Brining does not overload the birds with salt, even though it seems like it would. Brining mainly transfers moisture into the meat.

You can rinse the birds, to get the excess salt off of the outside. But, a really quick rinse is enough.

Instead of a rub, I like to gently separate my bird and skin with my fingers, and put some butter and fresh herbs under the skin. Be gentle, and try not to tear the skin. The butter adds fat, which quail lacks, big time.

Stuff some fresh herbs in the cavity, as well.

Rosemary is awesome with lean poultry. I also use fresh oregano, and often stuff the cavity with sliced fresh lemons along with the herbs.

Quail is a small bird, so use moderation with spices and herbs. But, it is a very lean bird, so add moisture where you can, and do not overcook it. Overcooked quail is like shoe leather.

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