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Originally Posted by SmokinAussie View Post
Well, in one hit Buccs, you have solved the argument of "fat cap up or fat cap down". That in itself is an achievement. Nice little smoke ring running around it too. It does indeed look really moist on the slice, but how was it really???

I'm interested to know as this is a grass fed brisky and I've still got 2 of them in the fridge to go on when I get all my ducks lined up.

As for the burnt ends for the point, the point is a little tougher and takes longer than the flat, just as you experienced. So, the point could get cubed up, sauced and seasoned, and go back on the smoker for another 2 hours or so while the flat is resting in the warm oven.

All in all, a damn fine job, I'm wondering if I'm gonny try and copy you on your first one!


Its moist, have no fear, but I am instinctively sure if you go over with this at a certain point it is going to get fibrous.
That will happen at a specific internal temperature, despite the myth held by so many that fat/liquid prevents drying out.
It doesn't, once the protein strands reach their max core temp for that specific meat, they dry out.
I am braced for the second brisket not being as successful, we will see.
I was willing to go too early because of this, as soon as most of it was probing effortlessly, off it came.
Just had some for breakfast, cold, after being bagged in the fridge.
Moist and tender, no problem!
Be confident.

I think they trim a little too aggressively, good for price but some more insulation wouldn't be a bad thing.

I am doing the trimming of fat on the point this morning, last night I kept thinking of using it in a braise of some sort, Mexican or even to do some Asian claypot dishes?
That is a very potent beefy meat, seems it could do way more than burnt ends.
Easy for me to say because Ive never eaten a burnt end, right?
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