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Originally Posted by phil c View Post
Lots of various bumps bruises and burns but the one that really stands out was when I was about 14 or 15.
We had one of those old round grills with the half hood on it like you would see in a leave it to beaver episode. So I was home alone and wanted a burger for lunch, poured in the charcoal and wouldn't ya know it, no lighter fluid,(I didn't know any better back then. So being an enterprising and resourceful individual I got about a 1/2 cup of mower gas and poured it on the charcoal. Now, I wasn't a total idiot back then, I knew the gas would flare. So I stood back about 5 ft and started flipping matches at it. 4th or 5th try WHOOOMP, she caught! and when it did that half hood focused all that fire right at me! I lost most of the hair off the front of my head. my eye brows and all the hair out of the inside of my nose. most of my face and my ears looked like I fell asleep in the sun, Or on the sun, no blistering but some peeling later. When the folks got home I was still soaking my face in a bowl of ice water.
Mom was worried and dad said later he didn't know wether to take me to the dr. laugh or whip my butt.
I ended up ok, no permanent damage. Just a stupid haircut for a while, and Dad never did whup me, but I never used gas again!!
I remember my high school physics teacher showing up for class with this look, seems he did pretty much the same thing. But really, a farking physics teacher?!

I've been pretty lucky, the worst thing that happened to me is when I bought a bottle of Jack Daniel's for a recipe and some sippin'. When I got home and opened the truck door it fell out and hit the garage floor. Yes, I cried.
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