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Default Trial run on my cinder pit with pork shoulder

Hi all,
Well, I got my cinder block pit all built up (scored 80 really nice 8x8x10 cinder blocks for 80 bucks). I have a thick metal grate 24" above the heat source with another layer of cinder blocks and a steel top. I just picked up 100lbs of Real montana charcoal. This charcoal was there mixed hardwood at 75c/lbs, and is ~2-3" in size. know this is a little small, but I think it should be fine. I have vents in the bottom of both ends by removing one cinder block. Anyway, I want to test it out with a pork shoulder and a few racks of ribs, but my focus is the shoulder. I picked up an 8 pounder, and will be following a recipe from the amazing ribs guy.

Any body out there cooked pork shoulder on a cinder pit? What is the best way to set up my charcoal bed? I have the pit partitioned in half so I don't have to heat the whole thing. I did cook some baby backs on it the other day, and it took about 3.5 hours and they were good, but It was a bit difficult to keep the temp at 225. I always seemed to need to be opening an closing the vent. Does anyone have any advice on keeping a cinder pit stable?

Thanks for the help. Look forward to this cooking up a great shoulder.

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