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If you haven't already, look into Chris Goodlander is the owner/operator and he or his wife answers the phone personally. Chris came from Gator and he builds a very comparable pit in materials and quality but is also less expensive. Check em' out!
I'm currently having a pit built by Chris at Lone star Grillz and he told me it would be about a 6 week wait. The avatar that I'm using is a picture of the pit that I'm having built which is a vertical offset. This pit comes stock in 1/4 inch steel with a 4000 sq. inch cooking capacity and with up grades that I have ordered it will be around 6000! That is more than most of the trailer pits that I've seen and it has a 2ft x 4 1/2ft footprint! I upgraded with a 1/2 inch firebox, a 30" wide cabinet instead of the stock 24" width and the warmer/oven over the firebox along with gas assist lighter and a charcoal basket. To get all of these options and this amount of capacity from Gator or Klose you will spend at least a grand or two more than I will at LSG for a name but not necessarily better quality. If you visit their website be sure to go to the accessories page and see all of the options and upgrades that are available and Chris also has a lot of good Youtube videos on his products to watch which will show you the quality and craftsmanship that goes into his pits.
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