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Originally Posted by pmezo View Post
Looking to smoke some beef ribs this weekend on my weber smokey mountain, but have only ever done pork ribs, so I'm looking for some help doing some beef ribs.

The beef ribs I get are already pre-cut. I've never seen whole slabs dinosaur bones like i've seen in some of the pictures here. The one's i get are similar to the ones in this picture.

Any tips how i should go about smoking these? Am i shooting for an IT or is it a feel thing like with pork ribs? What pit temp and for about how long should i shoot for?
You might be able to find slabs at a good butcher shop near by. I get mine from a guy just outside of town and he actually cuts them off of a rib roast for me. They are the best ribs I've ever eaten beef, pork or otherwise and although they are a little pricey they are well worth it! Imagine smoked prime rib with a handle! OMG!!! I use a variation of the 321 at about 250 with them and begin probing for tenderness during the fourth hour. Some guys do them high and fast but I like to take my time with them as these are pretty good sized ribs with a lot of meat on them. When they probe tender I pull em' and they go into a dry cooler for an hour or two to rest. Don't need sauce or teef to eat that beef!!!
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