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Originally Posted by basmsi View Post
how much do you think quality of meat plays into all this.

Ah, the great Wagyu vs. Choice brisket debate, almost as popular as the "which smoker is best" question.

You can win with either, including your Costco brisket. Using an injection and being sure the meat is well rested will help a lot. Wagyu and the mail order prime briskets aren't a magic bullet (just like having expensive basketball sneakers will not turn you into Lebron) but since they have more intramuscular fat, they may give you a wider margin of error between under-cooked and overdone.

We got top 5 brisket calls last year with both Wagyu and with Restaurant Depot Superior (a choice brisket), so it's more in how you cook it. Using a high fat brisket and/or an injection will potentially change your cooking time, so be sure to keep an eye on it if you make a switch.
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