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Originally Posted by tubby384 View Post
Hello fellow smokers. I consider myself a newbie to this forum, but been smoking things for the last 20 years. I know there are many reputable pit builders out there, but I decided on purchasing a pit made by Gator pit. I've emailed twice and called the shop and both times the receptionist took down my name and number and said her boss will call back. Needless to say no return call from them. Is that the normal way that company does business? I do understand my backyard pit I was going to order is small potatoes to them, but at least have the consideration of either email or call me to say so. Anyways, thanks for letting me vent and this is the best forum yet.
If you haven't already, look into Chris Goodlander is the owner/operator and he or his wife answers the phone personally. Chris came from Gator and he builds a very comparable pit in materials and quality but is also less expensive. Check em' out!
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