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I agree with what everyone said above, but I'll add this........go buy 3 briskets, inject all 3, cook as you have been. Wrap at 160 or whenever the color gets to your liking, then pull one at 195, and start probing the others around the same temp. When you get to "probe tender" (the probe slides in like butter) pull it, let it rest then slice up. Let the other go until it's really probe tender, (or another definition you'll find out only through experimenting) and pull it, let it rest and slice up. Compare the 3, and take notes. Whichever you liked the best use that as your new baseline, and do it again in a week or so. Brisket is not easy, temps have nothing to do with it being good. It's all about feel, and that takes time, and briskets. Good luck!!!
Once I reach probe tender, I let it go for 30 more minutes...
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