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Thanks for the tip on the grid I will definitely try that. I wasn't clear on the peel part. I have definitely not mastered that. What I'm saying is I assembled the pizza on the paper and then put it on the peel. I then slid the paper off of the peel onto the stone. If you look at my stone and see the burned cheese you will see the result of the first time I tried to slide it off the peel. Not too good! I guess I just need to put a little more flour on the peel or slide the peel out quicker - kind of like pulling the old tablecloth trick? I will definitely be getting more practice though and will soon be able to do it w/out the paper.
Ok that makes more sense, I misunderstood. You can put your dough directly on the peel without paper or cornmeal, it's a little tricky at first to get it moving without it sticking but once you figure it out it's pretty easy. If you're working with really wet dough that will make it far more difficult. What I do is put a little flour on the working surface, toss on the dough, then finger flatten. The flour that's on the surface will adhere to the dough & after you're done stretching it it should be enough to keep the dough from sticking to the peel without adding any extra. Just be sure to give the peel a shake every couple minutes during the building process to be sure the pie isn't sticking somewhere, all you need is one little spot to stick & it can cause a whole lotta trouble
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