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My wife and I were making dinner on New Years Eve a few years back when my oldest son was just a baby. I was cooking some stuff on the grill and she was cooking a pork loin in the oven. The recipe made you cook the pork loin in a skillet inside the oven(This is an important fact I wish I had known). So, I come in from outside and needed a spot on the stove. My wife had not a minute earlier removed the skillet with the loin from the oven where it had been baking for some time and thus VERY hot. I unknowingly grabbed the handle of the skillet to move it with my bare hand. It was so hot, I could not get myself to let go so I had to smack my hand holding the skillet with my free hand in order to release it. Dinner was all over the floor and I was in some pain. I can take a lot of pain, but that farking hurt. A couple of pain pills later, I was passed out by 10. Great night. Morale of the story: Don't let wife cook something on the stove that should be Q'd.

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