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Originally Posted by rmontananyc View Post
i added a charcoal grate on top of the pan so the ash wouldnt dampen the fire.. sorry if i was unclear.. what does the ATC do? also do you have any trouble bringing it to around 250? i had trouble getting it to stay at 225 and then after my mods the thing is ripping hot 275+ have any suggetions.. im using lump charcoal and 2-3 chunks of hardwood/fruit wood every 2 hours
with the atc I can go as low as 160 for smoking sausages and bacon to 375 for chicken and such.

the atc controls the temp with a blower. It controls airflow to the coals with a PID controller.

I pack the coal pan with lump, pour some lit coals on top, set the temp on the controller, close it up and let it fly. It really works great, just as good as those high dollar cookers. I have yet to use up 1 load of lump for a cook, my longest cook was about 12 hours, I still had enough left that it would have gone another few

I liked it so much I bought another one to use at my cabin
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