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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
Folding it probably affects the cooking time and opening the lid a lot does affect it. I normally don't take my first look until the five hour mark.

The marbleing looked very good. I have good feelings about how this is going to turn out even if it is 2:45 here and I'm a bit groggy.
Typical, the brethren toughing it out is the one who is most Aussified:

I had some complications that were self made, cooking other stuff and needing to open was one.
It's 2:50 here so I don't see the problem
The problem is the beverages, and I am a loong way to the finish line, but I will do it!
That's good info about the 5 hour mark, thanks.
I'm happy now to just let it ride for a good long while, thanks to the guidance from the breths.
I really am looking forward to my first brisket, all jokes aside, I do not want to fark this up.
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