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Originally Posted by Atlasman View Post
I talked to a few "new" judges at my last contest (their first) and came away shaking my head. I wish I hadn't even spoken to them. One said he based his taste score on whether he would pay for it in a restaurant and they were constantly disagreeing and interrupting each other to interject what they thought was right. In other words they were all over the place and if you were unlucky enough to get them all at your table you are scoring bad because none of them were looking for the same thing.

Frustrating, and hard to hear one of them say "I don't see how judges can give 9's all the time because that means it was perfect......I have yet to eat a perfect piece of BBQ"


Now see that is someone just being an idiot and not paying attention when in judging class. A 9 is not for perfect BBQ. It is for excellent bbq. Hell its even listed on the scorecard!
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