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Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
Looks like you are off to a great start. I am curious though, why is it folded in half? Never seen that before. Just for space considerations?

Cooks instinct.
I had not consciously thought about that until you asked, but it is a thin layered structure with external fat coating one side.
Since the Kamado style keg will circulate convection heat, this will ensure it gets a protective coat that will baste as it renders, and prevent the inside exposed meat from faster rise in temperature.
Remember, I am flying in the dark with no instruments or known landing strip.
Ive never seen or eaten this type of cut American BBQ style, I am only going for results I imagine from pictures I've seen here and descriptions from brethren.
If anyone has suggestions just fire away.
If you're saucing your brisket, I bet you're still putting lolly water in your spirits..
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